Friday, September 29, 2006

Public Speaking

‘On a list of the most feared human predicaments, public speaking comes second only to the fear of dying’ (Burton & Burton, 1994, p.158).

From tour guide to stand up comedian the ability to be able to speak confidently in front of an audience is essential in the entertainment industry. Public speaking comes naturally to very few people and it is essential that skills and techniques for successful public speaking are learned and developed at an early age (ideally whilst still in education).

Lashley and Best (2001) state that the characteristics of a good public speaker are:
–Plenty of eye contact.
–Good body language.
–Commands attention.
–Speaks with authority.

From an artist giving a talk about his / her work, to a knight in armour explaining the rules of combat, it is expected of most entertainers that they will speak to an audience at some point.

For those with aspirations of working within the entertainment industry it is never too soon to begin practicing public speaking techniques.

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Lashley, C. & Best, W. (2001) 12 steps to study success. London, Continuum Books.

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