Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I know that it's been a long time coming....

But at last another entry in the old blog. This particular entry is inspired by the sheer enormity and breadth of the entertainment industry. I am currently putting together a reading list for a revised level one 'Entertainment Environment' module for the 07/08 academic year. As the name suggests the module is primarily focussed upon the enviornment in which the entertainment industry operates. This environment is both business and geographical in nature. The business environment is concerned with both the micro and macro influences upon entertainment organisations. Micro being concerned with internal, stakeholder and competitive forces, and macro being concerned with the external STEEPLE factors, STEEPLE standing for Social, Technological, Environmental, Ethical, Political, Legal and Economical factors which have influenced the development of entertainment organisations and products.

As well as this, the module will look at how the entertainment industry has developed in three distinct geographical areas: rural areas; the seaside; and urban towns and cities. The assessments for the module centre around the UK Music Festival scene, and urban entertainment based upon a particular city.

The reading list for this module draws upon texts books from business, events, tourism, entertainment, leisure and media. This has highlighted to me the enormity of the entertainment industry, which in terms of thematic apperception is a very complex Venn Diagram, or a giant squid with a tentacle in each discipline. The complexity and sheer size of the entertainment industry, is I suspect one reason why there are so few text books which focus upon all of it, or indeed most of it, and why at present a large reading list is necessary, so that those wishing to learn more about the entertainment industry as a whole, are learning about a number of sectors which at times, are very distinct, and at other times have very blurred edges indeed.