Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Put simply edutainment is entertainment that is designed to promote knowledge, awareness and learning. It primarily falls into the following categories:

  • Museums and Art galleries
  • Exhibitions
  • Zoos and Aquariums
  • Observatories and Planetariums
  • Conferences
  • Guided tours
  • Adult education classes
  • Art and craft demonstrations
  • Historic re-enactments
  • Shows and displays with an educational component e.g.
    Transport shows such as airshows
    Animal displays such as falconry

From the Cumberland Pencil Museum to Australia Zoo, we are surrounded by edutainment venues and facilities and should be encouraged to make use of them for our own development and lifelong learning. In the 1996 general election campaign Tony Blair cited 'education, education, edcuation' as being his top three priorities. There is no doubt that an educated society is a better society. Edutainment may involve people wanting to learn, or even learning by accident, what it can do is to help bring education to those who may not normally have access to formal education, and ultimately enrich peoples lives improving the world we live in.

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