Thursday, March 08, 2012

Leeds Clubber Survey 2012

Following on from the extremely useful and successful Leeds Clubber Survey 2010, I have just launched the Leeds Clubber Survey 2012. It is my intention from this point onwards to undertake a similar survey every two years targeted towards those who visit nightclubs in the City of Leeds. The results from the survey will be published on this blog and used in educational materials.

This year's survey will be online until 31st July 2012, and intends (amongst other things) to ascertain the following:

  • How often and when people go clubbing in Leeds
  • What motivates people to go clubbing
  • How effective various promotional mediums are towards clubbers
  • What the spending habits are of clubbers in Leeds
  • What the drinking habits are of clubbers in Leeds
  • What the attitudes are of clubbers in Leeds towards alcohol and illegal drugs
  • Whether clubbers in Leeds have concerns around safety
  • How demographically, the habits and attitudes of clubbers in Leeds differs
The Leeds Clubber Survey 2012 can be found at .

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