Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leeds Met Entertainment Management Students Release Their First EP

Entertainment Management students Russ Foster and Steffen Hagavei along with band mates Dan Windass and Thomas Witty are about to release their first EP by their rock band ‘We Don’t Dance to Love Songs’. The band who formed in Hull in the Winter of 2007, have since moved to Leeds where they have become an established name in the local music scene. They have played many shows across the UK, and are now planning on going on tour in the new-year having built up a very strong following on-line, and having over 250,000 plays on their MySpace music player.

After recording their first tracks in April 2008, We Don't Dance To Love Songs are just about to release a self titled, four track EP which was recorded at Axis Studios in April 2009. Tracks on the EP include "The View From 32" and "I Think I Prefer Both" which are both on their MySpace page. The EP will be available via iTunes Worldwide and physical copies will also be available from their on-line store and at all shows.

To celebrate the EP launch ‘We Don’t Dance to Love Songs’ will be playing a show on the 28th October at Royal Park Cellars in Leeds.

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