Thursday, January 01, 2009

Big Flat Screen TVs and Cheap Beer - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

As the new-year kicks in, retailers are responding in the usual way with highly publicised ‘Sales’ some of which seem good, and some of which seem not so good. One particularly good deal is the LG 42LG3000 LCD TV reduced from £999 to £549 at Currys. Just a couple of years ago, flat screen TVs of this kind were selling in excess of £2,000, but as with many consumer technology products, prices fall and features increase. As it was time for an upgrade in the Moss household, a purchase of one was made. I’m not really an ‘expert’ on these things, but the picture at 1080p is superb, the best I’ve ever seen on a TV, disappointingly it only has two SCART inputs, but with the rise of high definition (HD) SCART is now way past it’s sell by date anyway. One particularly nice feature is a USB input, so a USB memory stick can be plugged into the TV, and if the memory stick contains MP3 or graphic files, they can be read and played through the TV. I browsed through a folder of .JPG photos from the USB input very easily, and will be making good use of this feature in future. Another nice feature is the ability to send an image to the TV via Bluetooth, something that is novel and may prove to be useful, especially for showing off the odd phone photo.

The one problem I did experience was getting my Sky+ remote control to work with the LG TV due to its newness. Thankfully, after several days searching the web, a solution was found – and I’ll share that now to avoid others the same frustration. These are the instructions for a Sky+ Rev8 remote, like this one.

  1. Press the TV button.
  2. Hold down the red button and the select button together, until the red light on the remote blinks twice (approx 1.5 seconds later).
  3. Press the TV button again.
  4. Enter the code 1174.
  5. Try turning the TV on / off – if this works press select, and you’re done, if not try again, if still no good, try again avoiding the third step, if that still doesn’t work – SORRY.

A nice piece of New Year cheer is the announcement by JD Wetherspoon, that in this age of mass panic about spending money, (thanks to the media, and their idiot phrase the ‘credit crunch’) that the price of a bottle of San Miguel will be reduced to 99p, as will the price of a pint of Greene King IPA. This is being promoted as a long term offer, and not a short-term knee jerk reaction to the countless resolutions of having a healthier new year (before they’re broken!). Cheers Wetherspoons, I’ll be drinking to that at ‘The Curry Club’ next Thursday. 

Happy New Year folks!

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