Monday, April 02, 2007


Naturtainment is a naturally occurring spectacle that can can truly engage or captivate an audience. Examples of naturtainment include: a lunar eclipse; a tidal bore; an erupting volcano; dolphins jumping in oceans; flocks of migrating birds; geysers and waterfalls. Naturtainment is not controlled or managed by man, the ‘performers’ in naturtainment are controlled entirely by events in the natural world - this means that naturtainment as a spectacle does not fall within the man-managed entertainment idustry.

Whilst there are no objects of entertainment or entertainers within naturtainment, there are venues, which have been purposefully created for audiences to witness naturtainment phenomenon. These include: observatories; zoos; viewing platforms; and bird hides. As these venues often contain factual information (including human guides) about the naturtainment which audiences may be witnessing, naturtainment venues can be considered as being within the edutainment sector of the entertainment industry.

To see naturtainment in action click here and here.

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