Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gambles Shambles

Today the non-voted in, and non-representative House of Lords voted against the Casino Advisory Panel's (CAP) decision to site Britain's first regional casino in Manchester, and in doing so scuppered the chances of 16 other smaller casinos being sited around the UK. This was after the democratically elected House of Commons voted in favour of the CAPs decision.

Whilst this may prove to be a relief for Gambler's Anonymous and Blackpool Council (who missed out on the bid) it does nothing to progress the UK gambling industry, and it certainly does no favours to the thousands of potential employees and businesses that would have been involved in constructing all of the casinos. Indeed on the face of it, sixteen smaller casinos around the UK will now not go ahead because three Lords seemingly preferred Blackpool to Manchester as the location for Britain's first regional casino.

Has this whole exercise been a sham from start to finish.....YOU BET! Read more about it here.

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